Carbon Offsets

Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions with offsets from carbon reduction and removal projects.


Counterbalance electricity use with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and support projects that contribute to a cleaner energy grid.

LEED Green

Improve your LEED score and increase your building’s marketability with Green-e® Energy certified RECs and/or verified Carbon Offset credits.

Energy Efficiency

Innovative energy saving solutions to improve your building's efficiency and environmental impact.

Energy Efficiency & Building Optimization

with Sterling Analytics

Sterling Analytics is our home for energy efficiency programs that focus on driving building upgrades that include cost effective LED lighting technology, HVAC optimization and building automation systems. Our goal is to promote innovative products and services that address broad aspects of energy sustainability.

  • Expand and improve energy efficiency
  • Measure and verify energy savings
  • Manage total energy profile
  • Assess impacts of energy use
  • Chart a course for sustainability 
Commercial LED lighting Solutions

6296 kW

reduced at customer sites


30 %

Renewable Tax Credits available.

Renewable Project Development

with Sterling Energy Assets

Sterling Energy Assets is our project development effort that can help your facility evaluate the feasibility of on-site clean energy generation and storage that works to achieve sustainability goals in the most economical fashion.

  • Local Microgrid Development
  • Multiple Asset Integration
  • Economic Feasibility & Resiliency Analysis
  • Solutions to Net Zero Goals

Green Program Development for Utilities

As part of a utility green pricing program, Sterling Planet can provide the full array of renewable energy marketing support services, offered either as part of a comprehensive program or a la carte. These services cover both the supply and demand arenas:

  • Online customer enrollment
  • Management and administrative support
  • Provide expertise, research and marketing support
  • REC purchase reconciliation and accounting
  • Program environmental impact tracking
  • Portfolio supply management
  • Customer acquisition & retention strategies
windmill over farmland