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World Wanderer If you put high mileage on a large vehicle, consider enrolling at the World Wanderer level to purchase Sterling Climate PremiumTM offsets.
This level will offset 20,000 pounds (9.1 metric tons) of CO2 equivalent emissions per yr at a low rate of $12.00/month.
Price: $ 12.00 Monthly

Sterling Climate Premium™ is a Green-e® Climate certified greenhouse gas emission reduction (carbon offset) product from a 100% U.S. Landfill Gas to Energy project. "Sterling Climate Premium" is the Green-e Climate certified carbon offset product that customers purchase. "World Wanderer" is the enrollment level.

Project Name Greater New Bedford

Project Type

Landfill Gas Utilization Project


Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Start Date


Project Verification

Verified Carbon Standard

Offsets Certification

Green-e Climate

Check out the Green-e Climate website and learn more!

Check out the Green-e Climate website and learn more!

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City Commuter
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Town Traveler
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Country Explorer
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