How Greencom Works

Shop And Save
Get coupons and cashback. Browse offers from local and national merchants.
Get Paid
Receive cashback directly into your account, use it for anything in the Greencom app.
Fund Environmental Projects
Consistently support your favorite green projects with cashback or roundups.
  • Environmental support
  • Cashback & discounts
  • Merchant discovery
  • Crypto
  • Peer to peer payment
  • Social engagement

“Invest in our environment.” Greencom is an app that bridges the gap between commerce and sustainability. Our mission is to help cultivate financial and social support for environmental projects of all sizes while enabling individuals to conserve the natural environment and resources and curb the negative impacts of climate change.

Individuals, merchants, and organizations come together in The Green community with a focus on creating a positive environmental impact. We believe it should be easy to make a positive impact on their local environments. And we think people should be incentivized with cashback on daily purchases on the same platform as meaningful green projects that need financial and social support. Sustainability becomes a part of commerce through Greencom.

By advocating for a business to citizen transaction model for funding sustainability each transaction from subscribed Greencom business yields cashback that can be directed to the members Green Project of choice. Your support is transparent and members can track the success of the project.