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APX Market Technology to Manage Sterling Planet Environmental Commodities

Posted on 5/5/2007 by in LEED renewable energy certificates

APX to manage renewable energy certificates, carbon offset credits and energy efficiency certificates

Santa Clara, CA – APX, Inc., the leading provider of market support systems and services for the energy & environmental industry, announced today that it has been selected by Sterling Planet to provide the commodity infrastructure for Sterling Planet and its clients to manage Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), Energy Efficiency Certificates (White TagsTM), and Carbon Offset Credits for its clients. “Our business has grown rapidly, and we very much needed an infrastructure to manage environmental commodities for our clients and for ourselves. APX is already doing this on a large scale for the largest US mandatory markets, so they were the natural choice for a partner,” said Mel Jones, Sterling Planet’s President and Chief Executive Officer, adding, “Our clients are blue chip institutions and corporations who represent a lot of this country’s environmental leadership. We think that by providing a way for them to manage all their environmental commodities in one infrastructure – RECs, Carbon, and White TagsTM – they can better optimize their overall portfolio, and do it at a lower cost." Founded in 2000, Sterling Planet’s market leading position was established in 2003 when they made the largest single sale of RECs to date in U.S. history, equivalent to nearly 800,000 megawatt hours, to the corporate partners of the World Resources Institute’s Green Power Market Development Group. Sterling Planet has a Blue Chip customer base which includes Alcoa, DuPont, Delphi Corporation, Staples, Cargill Dow, Interface, National Geographic, the 2004 Democratic and 2004 Republican National Conventions, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. General Services Agency, U.S. Internal Revenue Service, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Los Alamos National Lab, Sandia National Laboratory, the Western Area Power Administration, Niagara Mohawk, PEPCO Energy Services, Pitney Bowes, and hundreds more renewable energy clients. More recently, Sterling Planet agreed to supply enough RECs to indirectly offset all greenhouse gas emissions from this year’s NFL Superbowl. This made it the first championship game to use 100% renewable energy. “As the environmental markets mature, we think that the time is right for a sophisticated, automated approach to managing environmental financial instruments, compliance, and environmental claims for both the mandatory and the voluntary markets. New carbon legislation, which by all accounts is on the way and energy efficiency legislation, make this all the more important. We’re pleased to select APX’s technology and this automated approach should greatly improve the intersection between mandatory and voluntary markets so that all environmental attributes are tracked in one master, serial number based register so that no possible double-counting will occur. We are glad to take a leadership position with APX on this important tracking issue as all the environmental attributes converge in this country and abroad. We are excited about working with APX and look forward to supporting them on this and other leading marketplace issues” said Kelly Bennett, Sterling Planet’s National Policy Director and Northeast Regional Director. “With new Carbon rules imminent, corporations face a very complex situation in environmental commodities. They’ve got to manage all the jurisdictional complexity around Carbon, RECs, Energy Efficiency and maybe other commodities across a multitude of state, federal, regional and local rules. APX doesn’t make the rules, but we make it easy for companies to manage all the rules and commodities across a US environmental portfolio,” said APX Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Tom Lewis. “APX has managed more that 2 billion Certificates in its US environmental market infrastructure on behalf of more than 400 account holders. We are not traders or brokers. Rather we are more like the “mint and the bank” in creating and registering serialized, trusted environmental commodities. We are extending that infrastructure to handle Carbon related commodities, so stay tuned for more on that in the coming quarter.” About APX, Inc.: APX is North America’s leading infrastructure provider for environmental markets in renewable energy and greenhouse gases, as well as corporate environmental management. APX technology is now the system of choice for every major renewable energy market in North America, including the PJM (GATS), ISO New England (NEPOOL GIS), WECC (WREGIS) and ERCOT (Texas REC) markets. Users of these systems include more than 400 of the nation’s largest environmental commodity brokers, marketers, generators, and load serving entities. APX also provides technology, strategic consulting, and expert operational services to assist wholesale power market participants reduce costs and improve performance in power scheduling, settlement, market operations, and demand response programs. Clients include utilities, merchant companies, wind & renewable generators, financial institutions, retail service providers, ISOs/RTOs, and other electricity market participants. A privately held company, APX is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. www.apx.com About Sterling Planet: Sterling Planet is the nation’s leading retail provider of solar, wind and other clean, renewable energy through direct sales and electric utility partnerships. To date, Sterling Planet Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) sales have created environmental benefits comparable to taking 991,200 cars off U.S. roads for a year. Founded in 2000, Sterling Planet was the first company to offer RECs to every U.S. home and business as a way to support sustainable energy production that benefits the environment, the economy and society in general. In 2006, Sterling Planet pioneered the U.S. market for White Tag™ Energy Efficiency Certificates. Today, the Atlanta-based company has 507 large commercial and industrial clients nationwide which includes 30 universities and colleges, 63 federal and state agencies and 41 utility partners in Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and elsewhere. The company is also exploring emerging clean energy markets, maintaining a focus on businesses, universities, government clients and other companies seeking LEED credits for green building certification. www.sterlingplanet.com
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