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Big Bend Coffee Roasters Commits to 100% Carbon Neutrality

Posted on 3/17/2008 by in carbon offsets

Sterling Planet supplies Sterling Climate(TM) GHG emission reductions

ATLANTA, GA, March 17, 2008 -- Sterling Planet, a leading supplier of renewable energy, energy efficiency and low-carbon solutions, today announced that Big Bend Coffee Roasters, a 100% Organic and Fair Trade coffee roastery in Marfa, Texas, has become 100% “carbon neutral” by purchasing Sterling Climate™ greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions to offset the company’s carbon footprint.

Big Bend Coffee Roasters already purchases 100% renewable power and uses only certified 100% organic coffee, which is cultivated, harvested and processed without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. Big Bend’s coffees are also 100% Fair Trade certified, which guarantees that farmers and workers receive a fair wage for their products.

“We’re not just about great coffee. Environmental and social justice are just as important to us,” says Jeanne Sinclair, roastmaster and owner of Big Bend Coffee Roasters. “We are proud to make the move to 100% carbon neutrality with this purchase of greenhouse gas emission reductions through Sterling Planet.”

The carbon offsets will counteract the environmental impact of transporting raw, green coffee beans from San Francisco piers to Big Bend’s roastery in the West Texas town of Marfa. The company’s roasting process and other operations are also being offset. The environmental benefits associated with these emission offsets are equivalent to approximately 55,115 pounds of carbon dioxide, a key greenhouse gas. This is comparable to not driving 5 passenger cars for one year, not burning 2,800 gallons of gasoline or not using 58 barrels of oil.

Companies and individuals buy Sterling Climate™ to directly offset the environmental impacts of their personal or business-related carbon footprints. Carbon offsetting is part of a “carbon neutral” lifestyle that is gaining momentum among consumers concerned about the potentially negative environmental effects of energy-intensive lifestyles and economies. The Sterling Climate™ package reduces greenhouse gas emissions through such projects as methane recovery in Germany, hydropower in Brazil, and sustainable land management in California. The projects are consistent with the World Resources Institute Greenhouse Gas Protocol consensus standards. and satisfy the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Climate Leaders four key criteria: real, additional, permanent and verifiable. Beyond these environmental benefits, carbon offsets also help build markets for carbon sequestration, support domestic economies and create U.S. jobs.

Big Bend Coffee Roasters has fully demonstrated its commitment to the triple bottom line of social, economic and environmental performance,” said Mel Jones, Sterling Planet President and Chief Executive Officer. “Sterling Planet is proud to team with Big Bend, providing this standout enterprise with the Sterling Climate™ greenhouse gas emissions reductions that crown the company’s already strong commitment to exemplary performance in multiple arenas.”

About Sterling Planet:
Winner of the US Department of Energy 2007 Renewable Energy Marketer of the Year award, Sterling Planet is a sustainability pioneer and innovative supplier of renewable energy, energy efficiency and low-carbon solutions. Sterling Planet offers comprehensive carbon neutral solutions for businesses, universities and organizations of all types, bringing together supply- and demand-side solutions in a rapidly emerging environmental market. The company currently is developing next-generation solar and bioenergy projects to produce ‘green power’ and verified carbon offsets and is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Climate Leaders partner. Since 2001, sales of renewable energy to 928 business clients, 43 colleges and universities, 136 government agencies, 52 utilities and thousands of residential customers have avoided 25 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, which compares to taking 2 million cars off the road for a year.
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