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Carbon Offsets

a carbon offset is a verified reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide.

Achieving Emission Reduction Goals

Achieving Emission Reduction Goals

Carbon dioxide is on the rise. Emissions of this heat-trapping greenhouse gas (GHG) increased 20% during the past 15 years, and U.S. government projections call for another 17% increase between now and 2020, using best-case projections. As global economies and populations grow, so grow GHG emissions.

But not so fast: This growth can slow with ongoing efforts to increase energy efficiency, use more renewable energy and support projects that lessen GHG concentrations. For example, during that same 15-year period when CO2 rose 20%, another greenhouse gas - methane - decreased 10% due largely to increased power production using landfill gas.

Carbon offsets are a hedge against the atmospheric buildup of heat-trapping gases. Offsetting your carbon footprint allows you to become part of the solution to climate change."

Sterling Planet offers carbon offsets from projects that don’t cause the release of these gases, such as solar panels, wind farms, clean fuels and energy efficiency; that sequester carbon dioxide, such as tree planting; or that destroy carbon dioxide, such as methane capture or landfill gas recovery.

Since GHG levels affect the entire planet, Sterling Planet believes that the best way to offset your carbon footprint is to purchase a diverse portfolio of carbon offsets sourced globally. All projects that Sterling Planet supports are validated and verified by independent, third parties and meet the highest standards.

For business and college clients, we provide a custom package of offsets tailored to your goals and objectives.  Contact us for a free carbon footprint assessment and to learn more about the options and opportunities available to your enterprise.

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