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Sterling Energy Assets

"I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power!"- Thomas Edison

Sterling Energy Assets can help your facility evaluate the feasibility of on-site clean energy generation. We work on your behalf to develop and install solar systems on-site and off-site for electricity end users where technically feasible and economically viable.

We understand there are several key market dynamics that increase the relative investment attractiveness of an asset and work with our client’s projects at different stages of the development cycle. Sterling Energy Assets has worked on many diverse transactions with energy clients and we are dedicated to understanding the asset, market and portfolio dynamics, support mechanisms, and regulatory, retail and electricity demand changes that affect our clients’ energy investments

All these renewable technologies improve end user economics and energy efficiency, while reduce carbon emissions.


For the right customers, generating power onsite optimize the inefficiencies and reliability associated with grid power transmission and distribution.
Microgrid Developments achieve higher reliability in power supply and offer solutions for reaching facility and community sustainability goals. Our team works to integrate and finance multiple local clean energy generation assets, energy storage and control systems. We facilitate systems with local utilities to create efficient solutions, whether grid connected or “islanded”.

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