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White Tags

The cleanest form of energy is energy not used.

Energy Efficiency and White Tags

Sterling Planet seeks to transform the way energy is consumed, managed, and generated. The power of our group is being an integration hub for comprehensive products and services in the sustainable energy arena. 

Energy efficiency is an important first step for any organization looking to reduce its environmental footprint while boosting its economic bottom line.

Sterling Analytics is our home from energy efficiency programs that focus on driving lighting energy efficient upgrades that include cost effective LED technology. Additionally, we offer innovative products and services that address broad aspects of energy sustainability, including new HVAC enhancements that maximize energy use for facilities. 


You can lower your electric bill and increase your efficiency, while also choosing clean energy. For organizations seeking to incentivize their reductions, Sterling Planet offers innovative White Tags® energy efficiency certificates.


Measure, verify and report White Tags® for retail sale or to retire against a GHG emission reduction goal.

Monetize and market White Tags® in either voluntary or compliance markets.

Create additional revenue from White Tags® to help pay for modifications and often are reinvested for more energy savings.

Recognized as a way to satisfy government requirement for utilities and/or gain a competitive edge 


White Tags™ Explained

 Renewable energy

The next best move beyond conserving energy is turning to renewable energy. Clean, pure and endless energy from the sun, wind, water and plants is good for the environment and for business.

  Carbon offsets

Shift to carbon neutral with carbon offsets.  Carbon offsets compensate for the direct and indirect impacts of transportation and energy use. 

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