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Every activity, business or individual has a carbon footprint, and a variety of factors impact the size of it. Carbon offsetting is used to compensate for your emissions by funding an equivalent amount of emissions savings elsewhere which can help as part of a broader carbon reduction approach.
It is something we all can do.

Chief Sustainability Officer, SPI

Bob Maddox

Businesses are meeting the challenge to decarbonize their operations in order to reduce their GHG emissions. It is nearly impossible for even the most energy efficient and sustainable organizations to completely avoid activities that result in emissions which negatively impact the environment. Organizations can take immediate action on the GHG emissions that are otherwise difficult to address by investing in sustainability projects through a carbon offset purchase.


Carbon Services

  • GHG footprint calculations and life-cycle impact analysis
  • Carbon Market and regulatory risk assessment and management
  • Market-based climate strategy development and implementation
  • Green branding and product/service “Carbon Neutrality”
  • Additionality screening, project due diligence and implementation