Community Solar_Renewable Energy

Community solar offers a way for virtually anyone to go solar, without

installing solar panels on their roof or their property. Sometimes

referred to as “shared solar,” wherein homeowners collectively pay for

a solar system that provides power to multiple households. A large

scale, off-site solar panel installation will typically offer available

energy to hundreds of homeowners.

Solar Green Energy
Residential Green Energy

In many cases, a community solar array can be built to power an entire

neighborhood or town. A resident can either own a few of the community

array’s solar panels or rent them in order to get discounted energy rates

without having to make any up-front purchase. Because the excess power

is delivered to the grid, net metering can be thought of as a solar storage

solution that allows you to push and pull energy to and from the grid

without having to pay extra for a home battery to provide backup.

Advantages of Local Community Solar Programs

  • By Supporting local solar options, your community is investing into a sustainable electricity infrastructure
  • Businesses and individual homeowners as well as schools and churches can easily commit to fighting climate change
  • Smaller solar project developments can be supported, which bring real economic value to the community
  • Each community electricity user can sign up for the right size solar based on their own electricity use

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