SterlingClimate™ Carbon Offsets for Travel

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Your carbon footprint is reduced by the amount of carbon offsets purchased from emission reduction projects like dairy farms and wind turbines. This one time personal carbon offset purchase will help make a positive impact on the environment.

The average American citizen produces 36,000 lbs. of CO2 emissions each year, or about 3,000 lbs. each month.

  • To purchase 1 year of carbon offsets, enter “36” lbs. in “Quantity”
  • To purchase 6 months of carbon offsets, enter “18” lbs. in “Quantity”
  • To purchase 1 month of carbon offsets, enter “3” in lbs. “Quantity”

Enter the amount you would like to offset below or calculate your personal carbon footprint with our online calculator.

Purchase Carbon Offsets

Enter your quantity in 1,000 lbs increments below. (For example, to offset 36,000 lbs, enter a quantity of “36”)

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