Reduce costs and create value with energy efficiency.

Sterling Analytics is our home for energy efficiency programs that focuses on driving lighting energy efficient upgrades through cost effective LED technology.

Taking steps to improve energy efficiency is one of the most effective ways to reduce costs while creating value for your business. For commercial and public sector facilities, a move to LED lighting, an HVAC upgrade or other energy conservation measures are impactful steps towards energy sustainability.

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Building Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency lowers energy costs and is the most immediate means to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. There are enormous opportunities for efficiency improvements in every sector of the economy, and Sterling Analytics will be your partner to evaluate and deliver solutions leading to valuable energy savings.

With our shared energy savings programs, there are no upfront costs or reasons to delay.

  • Expand and improve energy efficiency
  • Measure and verify energy savings
  • Manage total energy profile
  • Assess impacts of energy use
  • Chart a course for sustainability
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