Carbon Offsets

Carbon offsets counterbalance emissions and help support projects that promote the reduction of GHG emissions, such as forestry or landfill gas to energy projects.


Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) represent the environmental benefits of the power produced by renewable power projects that generate electricity that drive a clean grid.

LEED Green

Our LEED-accredited staff will guide you through the purchase process and offer a choice of Green-e® Energy certified RECs and/or Green-e® Climate certified carbon offsets.

Energy Efficiency

Through our partners, we have innovative products and solutions available that address broad aspects of sustainability for individual buildings as well as across campus-wide facilities.

Sterling Energy Assets

Renewable Project Development

Sterling Energy Assets is our project development platform that can help your facility evaluate the feasibility of on-site clean energy generation and storage that works to achieve sustainability goals in the most economical fashion.

  • Local Microgrid Development
  • Multiple Asset Integration
  • Economic Feasibility & Resiliency Analysis
  • Solutions to Net Zero Goals