United Illuminating (UI)

Connecticut utility customers supporting clean, renewable energy

100% Regional Wind, Small Hydro and Recovered Landfill Gas

United Illuminating customers now have the power to improve the environment, increase national energy security and independence, and encourage the growth of regional renewable energy resources.

RECs purchased by Sterling Planet under this program in 2022 supported the following facilities:
    • Wind – Crossroads Wind Farm (OK)
    • Wind – Pioneer Trail (IL)
    • Wind – Ranchero Wind Farm (TX)

Why participate?

Vote with your dollars to build an American renewable energy infrastructure. By opting for renewable energy certificates (RECs) through Sterling Planet you will help sustain existing New England or other regional wind, small hydro and recovered LFG or renewable energy facilities. Your purchase also helps developers invest in new green power projects.

It’s a simple way to make a significant difference. Takes less than a minute to sign up right here on this page.

Here’s how it works:

Sterling CT Choice adds a small fee per day to your electric bill.

This renewable energy premium offsets the gap between the production of fossil fuel based electricity and the clean energy described above.

All sales are annually verified by the State of Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA).

How will I be billed?

After signing up with Sterling Planet, you will see an additional charge for 3.5¢ per kilowatt-hour (kWh) on your Eversource electric bill. You will never receive an extra statement.

Does my purchase mean I’m using renewable energy to power my home or business?

Not directly. Your purchase guarantees that clean, renewable energy is being placed on the electric grid, raising the percentage of renewable energy used overall.