Solar "Next Door"

  • The land around your commercial building, or manufacturing plant, could be an ideal location for a solar array configured to power your operations! Many times available property is right next door, waiting to become a sustainable energy solution.


  • Many times, parcels of land get trapped, and solar arrays are a means to create value and functionality. Contact us today to find out more about this strategy.


  • An economic source of Solar Renewable Energy Credits is typically the immediate return of this strategy, while the project and landowner work to capture electricity revenues.


  • Taking advantage of solar interconnection strategies that are tailored to bring economic value is an objective of our development team.

Feasibility Evaluation

  • A solar feasibility study will determine whether your property is technically and financially appropriate for the installation of a solar energy system. It is the first step in the process of transitioning to solar energy and involves inspecting several important aspects of your potential site. We can then estimate your immediate return with today’s project costs to reveal the impact on your monthly electricity bill.


  • If your facility has available ground space and/or your business is adjacent to an unused parcel of land, contact us for a project evaluation.


  • Rooftop Solar – Many newer facilities can find a home for a source of energy that’s non-polluting and renewable, and Sterling Energy Assets can assist to bring your project home.


  • Our financial modelling and analytics can use your historical electricity data to confirm ROI and payback on solar projects, with our without energy storage.

Solar Power As-a-Service

  • Consider powering your office, commercial building or a manufacturing plant with solar and pay no cash upfront. Solar as a Service lets you purchase affordable renewable energy, generated by your own solar array, just like you would purchase energy from a local utility company.


  • Typically, small solar projects can be developed to achieve a fixed price power cost for your facility – many time at, or below, the current level of your electricity service.


  • Our Technical Services and quality industry partners offer simple solutions that can be tailored to your facility needs.