Sterling Energy Assets is dedicated to understanding energy technology, market pricing

dynamics, support mechanisms, as well as regulatory, retail, and electricity demand

changes to ensure the best price and energy system for our clients. Best of all, these

technologies will create cost and energy savings, while reducing carbon emissions.

Planet Powered_Sterling Energy Assets
Solar Energy Farm


Sterling Energy Assets has been involved in a variety of renewable energy asset sources, including photovoltaic and wind-power plants as well as small hydro-power and biomass-power plants.

Generating power onsite eliminates the cost, complexity, interdependencies and inefficiencies associated with transmission and distribution.  With the current trend towards clean energy reliability, we can assist site owners with a feasibility analysis.

Solar Power Battery Storage
Solar Power On-site

Energy Storage Solutions

The energy sector has undergone more rapid change in the last ten years than ever before. From industry deregulation to incentives for fast responsive power plants, many opportunities have arisen for clients to diversify their energy generation portfolios.

Dramatic cost reduction in clean energy technologies, combined with lower electrical storage costs, are creating new business opportunities for generation systems that include energy storage.

Solar Energy Panels


Generate power close to where it is consumed.


Islanding capabilities supply power in outages while remaining grid connected.


Increasing or decreasing flow of any of the available energy resources.

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